Is Boston a Good Place to Live? (13 Things To Consider)

When you’re thinking about living in Boston, it’s easy to get sucked in by the city’s rich history and cultural significance. Boston is a historic place and the capital of Massachusetts.

With its skyscrapers and numerous parks, Boston is truly a fantastic city. But if you want to know whether or not moving there is a good choice for you, check out this guide!

Is Boston a Good Place to Live?

Boston is an excellent place to live for education and work opportunities. Additionally, the transport and health infrastructure is efficient. It is considered to be the miniature version of New York City. Crime rates in Boston are fewer compared with other cities. The food is excellent, and various recreational options exist. However, Boston is expensive to live in due to higher rent, real estate, food, and transportation. 

If you have decided that you want to move to Boston but are not sure where to go, keep reading!

1. Boston has a Small-Town Feel

In many ways, Boston is a beautiful city.

It is similar to New York but smaller. It features lakes, hills, and lovely landscapes.

Beaches, galleries, hospitals, and locations to go skiing and rock climbing are all accessible if you relocate here.

Residents of this city have access to heritage, diversity, excellent museums, and medical facilities. However, the absence of budget-friendly housing is a significant drawback.

It is true that this little, bustling city offers everything in stunning surroundings, close to the coast and hills, with magnificent structures rooted in history!

2. One of the Best Places to Live

Boston, the most populated metropolitan city in New England, is among the most well-known localities in the Northeast and one of the top locations to reside on the East Coast.

Boston provides career opportunities in medicine, academia, commerce, finance, and tourism.

Residents claim that Boston frequently triumphs because of its medical centers and prestigious universities like Harvard.

If you reside in Boston, you can engage in outdoor adventures like sailing and fishing throughout the entire season.

However, if you’re a partygoer, know that pubs and clubs close at 2 AM or sooner. In addition, you’ll realize that drinking becomes very pricey due to the high cost of living!

Per capita, estimated personal income, including wage growth in Boston, is over $93,000 annually. . 

3. City on a Hill

In the 1970s, The Puritans originally called the town “Tremontaine.” Nonetheless, they changed its name to Boston after the city in Lincolnshire, England.

However, the term “city on a hill” is a place that individuals will regard with respect. 

This was how John Winthrop characterized the Massachusetts Colony, which he anticipated would become an example of Puritan excellence.

4. Boston’s Surroundings

Boston serves as the capital of Massachusetts. It is positioned on the Atlantic Ocean’s Massachusetts Bay leg. 

The glaciers blanketing the land during the last ice age significantly shaped the Boston area’s geography.

At the same time, Boston Harbor Islands and the borough of Winthrop form its eastern boundary.

Additionally, the Greater Boston region’s towns also include:

  • Arlington
  • Braintree
  • Cambridge
  • Dedham
  • Everett
  • Foxborough

Currently, Boston is the 23rd most prominent city in the United States, with a population of over 680,000. 

5. Sports in Boston

Boston is home to major sporting franchises and include,

  • basketball
  • hockey, and
  • baseball

The Red Sox and Celtics are extremely popular in the city. Fenway park, TD Garden and Boston Garden are some incredible sporting venues. Ticket deals start at $18 and can go up to thousands. 

However, despite numerous major championship victories, Boston sports fans complain when a game doesn’t go in their favor. 

Fun Fact: People claim that Boston is probably the least hospitable American city. However, they are some of the nicest and most loyal people once you get to know them. 

6. Liberal Community and Culture

Boston has a rich history of being one of the most liberal cities in America. 

For instance, Boston was the central focus of the revolutionary and feminist movements in the early 19th century. At the same time, Massachusetts recently became the first state to provide marriage licenses to same-sex individuals.

While Boston might not be a “style powerhouse” like New York City or California, it does have its own distinctive sense of style as a reflection of its diversified culture and fashion interests. 

Additionally, alcohol is said to be very prominent among Boston people. It seems that everyone in Boston considers that every night is the ideal occasion for a nasty pissah.

At that point, Bostonians dress in several avant-garde and unique outfits when they are out.

7. Humid Continental Climate

Humid Continental Climate

Boston has a predominantly humid continental climate. Simultaneously, summers mix bright, hot, and excruciatingly humid weather, along with tremendous thunderstorms.

Regarding icy conditions, February is the snowiest month of the year. 

Unfortunately, Boston residents experience snowstorms, coastal erosion, and flooding occurrences.

8. Restaurants and Budget-Friendly Shopping Centers

You can access a multitude of restaurants and shopping centers if you want to travel throughout Boston. A few of these destinations are:

  • Toro, Spanish Tapas, South End
  • Mei Mei Dumplings
  • Theo’s Cozy Corner Restaurant, American
  • MIDA, Italian
  • 75, Chestnut, American

For fine-dining experiences, book a table at:

  • O Ya, Japanese Cuisine
  • No.9 Park, French Cuisine
  • Menton, Creative American.

In Boston, changing your outfit is necessary because there is no sales tax on apparel. There are shops in malls and centers for every price range, including sites such as:

  • Prudential Center
  • Faneuil Hall
  • Cambridgeside Galleria
  • Chesnut Hil

Boston is famous for its baked beans, the Boston Marathon, Fenway Park, and the Cheers Bar. Lastly, Boston is renowned for its fried seafood and clam chowder.

9. Green Spaces and Recreation in Boston

There are dozens of other places to explore all across downtown Boston. These green spaces include:

  • Beacon Hill
  • Freedom Trail
  • The Boston Public Garden
  • Piers Park

Boston is a pedestrian-friendly city. The best walking and bus tours include:

  • Old Towne Trolley
  • Union Oyster House
  • Winthrop Lane

If you enjoy visiting museums and libraries, check out the following:

  • The Boston Public Library
  • The Boston National Historical Park 
  • Boston Fire Museum
  • The Heritage Museum

10. Various Modes of Transportation

Driving downtown is the most viable method of travel outside of Boston Proper, despite its outdated road surface and limited parking options.

Within the city, MBTA subway and bus routes are available. Look for the large “T” in a ring to locate a stop. The monthly subway pass will cost you around $90 and include all modes of transport, inlcuding the subway, Silverline, busses and the ferry. 

After the T closes during the day, cabs are a cheap and widely available way to move all around downtown.

However, consider buying or renting a bike for a fun and memorable way to move around and explore the intense Boston riding culture. 

11. Cost of Living in Boston

Cost of Living in Boston

Boston is among the most expensive neighborhoods in America, where contributing factors include food, accommodation, dining out, transit, electricity,

Boston’s average electricity bill is considered more expensive due to scorching summers and extreme winters. 

Another considerable expense in Boston is metered parking, garage parking, and car insurance.

Eastern Massachusetts, which includes the Boston local neighborhood, has a higher living cost with a minimum $350 monthly budget on food. 

12. Housing and Health

The rent is pricey in Boston. From $1950/month to rent a studio apartment downtown. At the same time, leasing a one-bedroom will cost you $2250 a month. The suburbs offer cheaper options for a studio, starting at $800/month. 

On the brighter side, the city’s academic and health programs are undoubtedly among the finest in the country. Boston is a beautiful place to be for those opportunities, whether you’re looking for a job or a school.

A Boston property would be a good investment too. Over the years, the market has expanded consistently. 

Additionally, leasing it out is incredibly simple and could earn you an income.

13. Global Center for Higher Education

Boston is a center for higher education renowned all over the globe. Over 250,000 international students reside in the city, home to various Universities, schools, and colleges. 

Additionally, the two most prestigious academic institutions, MIT and Harvard, represent a fundamental part of Boston’s identity. 

Some universities in this city are:

  • Boston University 
  • Northeastern University 
  • Boston College 
  • Tufts University 

Harvard has a distinction for being one of the most challenging universities in the country with a low admission success. To qualify, you must acquire a high GPA and have a terrific resume and recommendations. 

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Boston is a great and diverse city for students, workers, and settling down. You can find most facilities and amenities that you need. In addition, there are many historical landscapes to explore and things to do. 

However, the city is not a good option if you are looking for cheap living places. The city is expensive, especially for rentals, food, and transportation!