Do Carpenters Make Good Money? (5 Things You Should Know)

Carpenters working jobs, on average, earn over $55,000 annually. However, there are multiple other options over and above that to increase earnings. 

Whether you want to do woodwork as a side income or if you plan your own business, there are opportunities for people who want a well-paid career. 

So let’s look at this career and the income you could generate. 

Do Carpenters Make Good Money? 

Carpenters make a good income, and there are various ways they do it:

  • Carpenters can perform additional projects for consumers and businesses. 
  • They can also work extra hours on top of their regular schedule.
  • They can produce items to sell directly to consumers over and above their daily work.
  • Carpenters can start their own businesses, make products and market them to consumers to earn an income. 

Before deciding if this is the perfect career, let’s consider how carpenters can make money and what you should know.

1. Accept and Complete Additional Projects

Most full-time carpenters also work other occupations to supplement their income.

Some carpenters construct their community’s furniture, wardrobes, speakers, and other items. 

In addition, building cabinets in your neighborhood can produce excellent results quickly. The consensus amongst carpenters strongly suggests that trim work, cabinetry, and other finishing works bring in the most money. 

Nonetheless, if you have a solid reputation and work diligently, you can make a respectable livelihood by doing basic framing!

2. Throw in Extra Hours and Find Higher Paying Jobs

Easier said than done, but you can boost your pay by working extra hours or finding higher-paying jobs.

Moreover, some firms pay their staff more than their competitors, especially those who don’t waste resources.

Additionally, it would help if you develop skills that other people are willing to pay for, just like anything else. For example, simple carpentry tasks like cutting, sawing, and hammering are not too complex.

Carpenters who have retired claim it was enjoyable to complete a home and observe the results. They still pass the houses they assisted in building with tremendous pride, knowing they had a hand establishing them!

3. Design, Create and Sell

Design, Create and Sell

In some instances, selling your finished products online can generate more revenue than a carpenter would generally make working full-time for another company.

Ideally, the goal is to produce goods in high demand. Then, you may trade those online or sell them directly to a store as a collection.

Once you have the foundation set up, you have the potential to run a money-making factory. 

Professional carpenters advise that one must both love and practice what one does. 

Typically, expert carpenters believe every creation is sacred and should be transformed into something unique and long-lasting. 

4. Build a Business

You can earn more cash as a carpenter by establishing your carpentry enterprise because there is a constant need for carpentry jobs in the marketplace.

When starting your own business, spend time learning. For instance, each state has its requirements and regulations. To begin, these can be confusing, so spend some time understanding the needs. 

Furthermore, suppose you’re an excellent independent contractor with exceptional skills and equipment and can travel. In that case, you could be billing at least $55 per hour. 

Spend time learning market demand and production efficiency and build people skills. 

Generally, to join a workforce, work as a subcontractor. Of course, you can always register with a building contractor. However, you might need to assist someone pro bono if all you desire is personal work to build your reputation!

5. Market Your Skills and Products

Creating products is 50% of the work. You then need to find customers to sell your finished goods. 

A practical strategy to increase your income as a carpenter is to publish online about carpentry. Post on social media if you are having trouble starting. 

It’s the modern, simple method to market. Then, publish your platform with straightforward direct messaging and a phone number. 

You can attract customers this way over time to build a profitable business. 

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As demonstrated, carpenters determine how they can move up the pay scale based on their personal career goals. However, one can make a decent living and do exceptionally well if they are willing to learn the craft.

With a bit of vision, ingenuity, and hard work, almost anyone can make a lovely livelihood in this field!