Tap Dance Attire | 3 Things You Should Know

Tap dance attire is essential when joining a dance class, performing in an event, or competition performance. In addition, tap dance clothing is necessary to make you feel comfortable and confident when trying to immerse yourself in the dance culture.

Let’s dive in to identify the suitable tap attire that will help to improve your performance and make you look good!

What Tap Dance Attire Should You Get?

Black tap shoes are the most crucial dance attire in tap dancing. These shoes are ideal for beginners. Additionally, well-suited dancewear should fit well around the legs, hips, and waist. These include capri pants, shorts, tights, tank tops, half-tops, and leotards. For those with long hair, you may prefer a bun or zulu knots to keep your hair out of the way during tap routines!

We’ll cover the essential tap dance attires available in the market, so tune in!

1. Tap Shoes

When buying tap shoes, an Oxford shoe is trendy, while Mary Janes are traditional for younger girls in tap lessons.

These Mary Janes are inexpensive and excellent for informal learning. In addition, a lovely leather professional shoe for women is available from SoDanca for a reasonable price.

On the opposite end of the price range, Miller and Ben’s classic custom construction is a pricey upgrade. At the same time, Bloch has a terrific unisex middle-priced shoe and one targeted toward ladies.

In either case, you may still practice some basic tap dance moves without special tap shoes. Regular athletic shoes will suffice!

2. Fitted Dancewear

Fitted Dancewear

Dance trousers, capris, shorts, and a bodysuit are all excellent choices for tap dance clothing.

Furthermore, other good options include jazz pants, hip-hop sweatpants, warm-up pants, and rhapsody jazz. 

Tank tops, half-tops, and leotards are further options for dancers to select. You could purchase it at your nearest dance stores and online merchants.

Overall, if you lack the budget, it is recommended to wear something loose, easy to move in, and with short pants so that you won’t trip over them while dancing!

3. Knots and Buns

Some hairstyles that suit tap dancers are Zulu knots, the pigtail veil, and the French twist, while the braided bun offers a modern take on a vintage look.

Alternatively, some prefer to wear their hair up in a bun. This helps to conform to a dress code and to keep it from getting into their face while performing.

As you can see, short hair is more than maintainable for dancers thanks to switches, and full wigs, which transform a bob into a bun.

In rehearsing for your tap classes, a bun or a knot are essential for holding your hairstyle in position!

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Although tap dance is a fun activity you can try with and without any cost, it would never hurt to be aware of the tap dance attire and costume.

Aside from tap shoes, your dance outfit should also involve wearing tops, sweat pants, and a neat hairstyle. It’s essential to try out different products to know which ones will suit you best!