Is Chemistry a Stem Major? (Yes, 3 Reasons Why)

For those unfamiliar, STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.” First, let’s identify why chemistry is a part of STEM education.

Is Chemistry a Stem Major? 

Chemistry is a STEM major because it’s the core of any STEM curriculum. Furthermore, it connects to other sciences, including biology, physics, and geology, where it applies to real-world problems. It also prepares students for careers in research and development, teaching, and various industries. Overall, Chemistry is a fundamental building block for STEM careers—from chemical engineers to biochemists and geologists.

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1. Core of the STEM Curriculum

Chemistry is the core of any STEM curriculum. Therefore, any STEM program is perceived to have chemistry as its foundation.

Given that it is a STEM major, comprehensive chemistry involves learning to be logical and objective and how to be a problem-solver.

Students learn about technology, pollution, environmental concerns, and petroleum.

Overall, chemistry is the CORE of integrated science since it is present all around the world.

2. Connects to Sciences

Connects to Sciences

Chemistry is a fundamental part of STEM education since it is the “central science” intertwined with all other scientific disciplines. 

It unites the fields of physics and mathematics, medicine and biology, and earth and environmental studies.

Most college students who plan to concentrate on STEM majors choose general chemistry as their first science class. 

On the other hand, aspiring doctors typically complete general chemistry classes in their coursework before entering biology because it is a prerequisite for a STEM major.

Chemistry is a vital prerequisite STEM major for all academic science programs since it links with all other forms of science disciplines.

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3. Fundamental Building Block For STEM Careers

US News & World Report states that STEM occupations are in demand even when the economy weakens. 

Advanced chemistry programs are an excellent way for high school students to lay the groundwork for the future in the STEM professions.

As mentioned above, chemistry is the essential building block for careers in the STEM disciplines.

As a STEM major, chemistry provides students with a set of skills that helps them get ready for professions, such as:

  • Pre-Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Government Institutions
  • Research Institutes
  • Higher Education
  • Environmental Consultancies

Most importantly, a chemistry major will help you get STEM-related employment that appears to be secure and dramatically benefits society.

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Chemistry is not just a science in itself. It is an integral part of many science fields. 

Chemistry is one of the oldest and most fundamental sciences. It involves the study of matter, energy, motion, and change. Chemistry has applications in almost every modern life and science field, including medicine, engineering, geology, and even space exploration.