Is C Programming Worth It? 

C is an excellent programming language to learn. 

If you want a successful career in the technology industry, studying the C language shouldn’t be put off any longer! So let’s explain why C programming is still worth learning! 

Is C Programming Worth It? 

C programming is worth it as a first language because it will teach you everything you need to know about programming. It is beneficial for projects and applications because it’s straightforward to use. C is also an excellent career choice due to the many available careers!

Learning C wouldn’t be a waste of your time or effort. 


24 – 52 weeks


Online Certificates

Avg. Cost

$80 to $150

Career Outlook

25% Growth in Developers

1. C is Best as a First Language

Many well-known programming languages are built on C. Thus, learning the principles of C will make learning another language easy.

Being a middle-level language, it is also quite adaptable. For example, C combines both languages with high-level and low-level features.  

You should study C since it will help you become a better programmer, which you can learn within 45 days.

Therefore, every programmer must first have a basic understanding of C!

2. Multiple Uses

C Is Worth It

C is worth learning because C is used to create 

  • OS cores, 
  • libraries, 
  • processors, and 
  • many other applications. 

To debug or enhance them, C is necessary.

Learning C will help you recognize higher-level languages’ convenience by allowing you to comprehend why they are structured the way they are.

Even now, knowing C is worthwhile. Although it is unnecessary in all cases, it is difficult to avoid encountering C. 

No matter what other programming languages you learn, it’s still a good idea to be familiar with C!

3. C is Beneficial for Projects and Applications

A lower-level language, such as C, is necessary if you want to develop software that works directly with the hardware.

C is best suited for programming system applications and efficient for business, gaming, and parallel programming applications.

As you can see, C is best for developing operating systems, notably 

  • Apple’s OS X and 
  • Microsoft’s Windows 

4. Knowing C increases Career Opportunities

C programming provides excellent job opportunities in various fields, including automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.

Additionally, C programmers can pursue a career in administration, economics, education, and other fields besides the software industry.

These are the several job classifications that will allow you to pursue a position in C, including Junior Programmer, Software Developer, Quality Analyst, and Software Developer Engineer!

Find out if C is hard to learn.


C is a great language to learn because of its success in the field of technology. In addition, various applications such as development and operating systems use C. 

Ultimately, C is definitely worth it and is a safe bet if you’re looking for an excellent language to start!

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